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Floor Sensor Challenge


October, 2015 MILWAUKEE, WI

Floor Sensor ChallengeCreate an innovative experience in a physical application through the Scanalytics SoleSensor, an intelligent floor sensor that captures analytics on foot steps and activates “triggered” actions through the SDK platform. Absolutely no limit on applications - activation examples to spark imagination listed to the right:




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security systems

physical performance



digital screens

improvement “recipes”

The Opportunity

Teams that choose to participate in the Scanalytics Challenge have the opportunity to become a featured solution in the Scanalytics Marketplace. Begin generating revenue from the leading brands around the world each time a client selects your "triggering" integration. Scanalytics then pays you a royalty for the service, including revenue on recurring subscription cycles.

no annual fees

no payout thresholds

no long wait

Gain undiscovered access from the ground up to start influencing experiences across the world. Create intergrations that save energy, improve lifestyle or enhance interactions. Scanalytics clients span across retail, events, medical, commercial and smart home environments, all of which are fascinated by the possibilities around the technology.






The Scanalytics prizes will be judged and awarded separately from the Launch Milwaukee prize pool. 

1st PLACE: 
  Cash prize! 
 Scanalytics API + SoleSensors (1 yr) 
  10 hours of mentoring
  Meeting with angel investors 
  PR & media support

2nd PLACE:
  Scanalytics API + SoleSensors (6 mos)
  4 hours of mentoring 
  Social media and blog mentions


3rd PLACE:
  Scanalytics API + SoleSensors (3 mos) 
  2 hours of mentoring 
  Social media and blog mentions

Peoples CHOICE: hardware surprise 

• All student teams considered for senior project sponsorship

We Provide


Base Stations

Soldering Equipment

Raspberry Pi’s

Color-Changing LEDs

Servo Motors

USB Power Supplies

Misc. Tools



Food + Beverages

Monitors / Work Space (first come / first served)

You Supply


Software Programs

Special Equipment

Positive Attitude!


WHAT’S THE EVENT? An opportunity to learn, collaborate, and build great things. Scanalytics is proposing a challenge for teams to develop solutions on the SoleSensor platform to be featured in the Scanalytics Marketplace. 

WHEN’S THE EVENT? The event is scheduled for end of October, and will be held over an entire weekend. Judging and awards will commence immediately after on Sunday. Participants can come and go as they please throughout the event. 

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Absolutely anyone! Only caveat is that you need to register by the deadline so we can ensure adequate pizzas and pi’s.

HOW ARE TEAMS FORMED? Registrants have the option to arrive as an individual or a team. If you're looking for a team, stop by one of our info sessions before the event, otherwise we’ll match everyone up into teams the day-of. Teams must be between 2-6 people.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? There is no cost to attend the hackathon.

WHAT SUPPORT WILL BE AVAILABLE? The Scanalytics team will be on-site throughout the weekend, as well as corporate challenge representatives to provide assistance and guidance.


WHO OWNS THE TECHNOLOGY? Ownership remains entirely with you, we provide the platform to power it. 

WHAT SHOULD I MAKE? Easiest suggestion we can give is to walk around your house, office or favorite pastime, and think about what you could activate to make life more enjoyable, convenient or experiential. If you’re still not sure by the day-of, we’ll help you brainstorm a project that Friday night.

DO I NEED TO BUILD HARDWARE? Up to you! Many teams will be integrating with existing or altered hardware, otherwise it can be a completely software-based development.

CAN I START EARLY? You are allowed to start early, but must provide full disclosure on status before and throughout the event. Judging is based on event progress and innovation.

AM I UNDEREXPERIENCED? We don’t think so! Anyone with an idea or drive to innovate should sign up, regardless of skill level. Non-technical participants are equally welcome!

DO I HAVE TO HACK ON-SITE? Each team must have at least 50% of their members in-person each day throughout the event.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT? A lot of fun, energy and development. We run around the clock so we’ll have action at all hours of the day, and plenty of games for the necessary breaks. 

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Questions for Scanalytics
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