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Learn what your floor has to say.

The EEMat from Scanalytics is designed to gather true customer data while staying completely anonymous. Mat sensors pinpoint customer traffic and volume during specific hours of operation. It’s the simple way to gather more accurate customer information without intruding on privacy of shoppers and visitors.

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Number of entries and exits during a 1 hour period.

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Discover the story of your store's traffic.

Whether you own a retail bank, clothing boutique, restaurant, or any freestanding business, the EEMat powered by Scanalytics Inc. can help you gather valuable customer data. Its intelligent floor sensor technology is designed to collect 100% of foot traffic while remaining invisible to customers in your space.

EEMat Analytics make it possible to:

  • Understand store performance
  • Determine online advertising effectiveness
  • Benchmark and predict traffic trends
  • Optimize staff schedules by demand
  • Track real-time customer activity with alerts
  • Identify direction and pace upon entry

3' x 5' Mat


First year


Each Additional Year (Analytics package)

4' x 6' Mat


First year


Each Additional Year (Analytics package)

Less than $1/DAY for analytics!