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How It Works

Smart floor sensor analytics for the physical world

The most accurate measurement of foot traffic
   Capture anonymous paths and routes
•   Track entrances/exits visitors
•   Measure engagement in key zones
•   Activate digital/ambient automations
•   Heat map traffic flow patterns
•   Measure rush hour period
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Analytics FAQ


Floor Sensor Analytics  Real-Time Reports

Floor Sensor Analytics  Historical Reports

Floor Sensor Analytics  Entrances/Exits

Floor Sensor Analytics  Heat Maps

Floor Sensor Analytics  Engagements

Floor Sensor Analytics  Turnover

Floor Sensor Analytics  Wait Times

Floor Sensor Analytics  Capture Rates

  • Scanalytics Analysis Lab - Engagements
  • Scanalytics Analysis Lab - Entrances
  • Scanalytics Analysis Lab - Engagements Grid


Place the SoleSensor at strategic points in your space to learn what works and what can be improved. Get real-time updates on customer behavior throughout your space and take action to optimize interactions. Place your mat permanently for the entire duration of your data collection or apply it to different areas of your store for more diverse data gathering. 


The SoleSensor is designed for easy setup so you can get to work fast! Simply place the SoleSensor at any strategic area in your store, connect it to the internet, and begin understanding your space! This solution is as flexible as any on-going business strategy, and can be simply picked up and moved as your floor plan or placement layout evolves.

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Flooring Types

The SoleSensor can be used on hardwood floors, underneath carpet, and even outdoors. This paper-thin technology seamlessly blends into any environment without any compromise to your design. Disguise the SoleSensors in a utility mat or under floor sticker decals for short-term applications or deploy underneath your existing flooring for a permanent solution.

Scanalytics Floor Sensors - Direct Impression

Direct Impression

We measure footsteps. That’s it. What’s incredible is what those footsteps are telling you. Our sensor-laden mats capture every impression in an analyzed area. Through the predictive platform we uncover the most useful data to improve your space.

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Build the Array

Mats are expandable on all sides to cover any area you need. Daisy chain capabilities allow users to easily link mats together for increased measurement accuracy of larger spaces such as event exhibit spaces and retail stores. Users can also remove sections around permanent fixtures.  

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Scanalytics Floor Sensors - Build the Array

Scanalytics Floor Sensors - Connect the System

Connect the System

Connect your mat arrays to the online dashboard using your local network, it’s as simple as wifi on a cell phone.  Customize your modules to monitor the metrics relevant to you and your business. Our mobile app easily walks you through the steps to bring your SoleSensors online and begin analyzing your space.   

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