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IoT Workshop

Implement actionable transformation for your locations

Welcome to your smart environment

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connection and communication of Internet-enabled devices and datasets within an environment. For companies with a physical presence, it's becoming increasingly important to integrate an IoT strategy that optimizes business resources and maintains relevancy in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.
Powered by a team of scientists, engineers, and industry experts, Scanalytics is the leading IoT software and sensor platform focused on creating value through the transformation of physical environments into “intelligent” spaces. Together with partners like Intel and Microsoft, we are helping businesses better understand their customers, increase conversions, and further engage patrons by optimizing their physical locations. 

IoT Workshop - Scanalytics Inc.


DEFINE:  IoT Design Thinking Workshop

Using a certified facilitator and a Scanalytics expert, we guide a hands-on workshop to identify 2-3 leading application ideas and create an implementation roadmap that leverages Scanalytics IoT solutions: floor sensors, device-agnostic triggering platform and predictive analytics. Catered specifically for your enterprise, the deliverable is a custom IoT Solution Plan that addresses major pain points as well as opportunities we can help you solve.

  • Profile and segment customer pains for an ROI analysis of possible solutions
  • Walk through proposed solutions and applications
  • Review the technical and physical feasibility of your IoT project
  • Co-create deployment timeline goals

Following the workshop, Scanalytics will return an executive presentation within two business days that considers all of the ideation, proposed solutions, timeline goals, and ideal ROI. The proposed solution architecture is included for final approval and advancement to proof-of-concept stage.

DESIGN:  Proof-of-Concept Deployment

After completion of the workshop, solutions are built for a proof-of-concept deployment across a minimum of two physical locations. Scanalytics fully develops, tests and deploys the working pilot in your selected testing sites and provides ongoing reporting to further define any requirements or adjustments prior to a full phase rollout. We combine all required sensors and data sources to design a true custom end-to-end solution.

  • Approval of the scope of work
  • Arrange and confirm POC deployment logistics
  • Develop and test integration needs
  • Deploy hardware and software solutions
  • Customize your analytics suite
DELIVER:  Full Rollout

After your proof-of-concept is successfully completed, Scanalytics executes a full rollout with the products and services validated in your testing locations. By investing the time strategizing the first two stages, we are able to design and deliver low-cost implementation at an enterprise-level scale for all locations.

  • Implementation plan for each of your locations
  • Training materials and sessions for your team
  • Dedicated account management support
  • Quarterly sessions with Scanalytics experts
  • Annual review to optimize next years performance


Our IoT Workshops allow you to gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage and implement an IoT strategy into your organization and provide a clear framework for deploying it.

 - Joe Scanlin, Co-Founder & CEO





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