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Powered By Scanalytics

The analytics platform for IoT devices

Our Powered By platform allows customers to easily build and deploy advanced analytics and reports using many different types of sensors.


Powered By Scanalytics - Embedded or Standalone

Embedded or standalone
Powered By Scanalytics is built on years of development of the best-in-class analytics frameworks. Customers can embed into their existing product or easily create a standalone application.

Powered By Scanalytics - Built with the future in mind

Built with the future in mind
Our nimble framework is built to allow users to define and control data that is being produced, regardless of the evolving landscape of sensor types. We make sure it’s easy to interface with devices and data to deliver actionable insights.

Powered By Scanalytics - Fully Customizable

Fully customizable
Our suite of APIs and reporting features allows customers to easily customize how the data is displayed, consumed and shared to meet their unique business needs.


Powered By Scanalytics Use Cases

Sensor Fusion

What:  Customer using multiple sensor types (cameras, beacons, floor sensors) leveraged the Scanalytics Platform to gather analytics and build custom applications.

Why:  Make it simple for retailers to gather analytics by using any sensor type or data feed.

Who:  Any space

Scanalytics Products:  Powered By platform

ROI:  Increase customer engagement by 261%


Powered By Scanalytics - Sensor Fusion


Queue Optimization

What:  Customer using multiple sensor types leveraged the Scanalytics Platform to gather analytics and build custom applications.

Why:  Decrease costs of operation, increase daily sales and boost checkout times.

Who:  Any space

Scanalytics Products:  Spatial Science Service, Powered By platform, data API

ROI:  Decrease daily costs up to 18%

Increase daily sales up to 30%


Powered By Scanalytics - Queue Optimization









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