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Technology to Analyze Foot Traffic in Retail Stores was featured on NewsWatch Television

Scanalytics Inc. was featured on NewsWatch as part of its monthly Tech Report, which features the latest and coolest technology products available to consumers. Andrew Tropeano, a technology expert and the host of NewsWatch, conducted the review and shared with viewers how this technology allows businesses to analyze floor traffic in retail stores.

Tracking statistics in business is invaluable in analyzing and growing an enterprise. When it comes to retail this goes a step beyond revenue statistics and tracking how much merchandise is moving. With the innovative new platform, Scanalytics, businesses can now get a full picture of when and how customers enter and move through a store, a booth at an event, or any other situation to measure and analyze.

With the intelligent floor sensor system businesses can easily track things like: when a customer enters a store, whether or not they hesitate at the entrance, which product displays they spend the most time at, what time of day see the highest amount of foot traffic, and even erratic movement indicating a lack of a streamlined flow in a store. It enables businesses to maximize customer engagements, predict patterns and increase customer retention.

Scanalytics leases the hardware while businesses subscribe to the accompanying data and software. That way businesses can decide if they just want to use it for a few days or use it for several years to track changes throughout different periods. On the backend, businesses can get detailed reports breaking it all down in statistical form. The data tools are designed to be easy to understand so users spend less time learning a new system and more time analyzing their business. With over 10 million impressions worldwide and clients like Microsoft and Trek Bikes, Scanalytics is the next big thing in business data analytics.


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About NewsWatch
NewsWatch is a weekly 30-minute consumer oriented television show that airs on the Discovery Channel and ION Network. NewsWatch regularly features top technology products and services, mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, unique and beautiful travel destinations around the world, health and medical tips, and entertainment interviews on the show. NewsWatch airs on the Discovery Channel at 7:00 – 7:30 AM ET/PT. NewsWatch is located in the greater Washington, DC area and has been on air for over 25 years. For more information or to watch the most recent episode, visit http://newswatchtv.com/tech-report.html.


About Scanalytics Inc.
Scanalytics is among the top 10 fastest growing “Internet of Things” companies, measuring human behavior insights through intelligent floor sensors. The SoleSensor platform translates consumer foot traffic into actionable data through a dashboard interface for real-time and historical viewing of trends in physical spaces. Using the floor sensor technology, brands capture and analyze occupancy, traffic patterns and engagement times to increase conversions and improve ROI. With over 10 million impressions to date, Scanalytics has deployed SoleSensors across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Southeast Asia. Learn more at: www.scanalyticsinc.com.



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