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Brick-and-mortar foot traffic analytics
Smart Mats
Measures foot traffic and consumer behavior through intelligent floor sensors. Get accurate and timely feedback to boost store success, minimize turnover, and optimize floor plans.

Scanalytics SoleSensor - Smart Floor Analytics

100% of Foot Traffic   |   100% Anonymously

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The Technology

2' x 2' Sensor Size
Grid up to 10' x 10' with one base station



Sensor Duration
Lease 1 day up to lifetime



Energy Use
Low-energy, power 25 SoleSensors for under $5 a year

Scanalytics SoleSensor drawing - Floor Sensor Analytics

4 Connectors
Daisy chain to any size in all directions



Power source
Internet, cellular or local connection
Floor covering 
  -   Existing flooring
  -   Carpet
  -   Floor sticker
  -   Utility mat
  -   and more

How it works

Three Simple Steps


1)  Place Sensors


- Entrances - Kiosks
- Checkout Counters - Queue Lines
- End Caps - Dressing Rooms
- Product Aisles Digital Signage

2)  Collect Insights


- Occupancy Bottleneck Areas
Abandonment Rates Conversion Rates
Wait Times Rush Hours
Engagement Times Traffic Flow

3)  Improve Space


Optimize Workforce - Improve Floor Plan
- Interactive Experience - Increase ROI
- Influence in Real-Time - Improve Service
Strategic Placement - Measure Success

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