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Frequently Asked Questions





What does Scanalytics analyze?

Our data is drawn from impression activity through foot-steps on our proprietary under-flooring mats. Through our “pathfinder” algorithms, we can connect those impressions to identify duration and directionality insights to help you better understand how people are moving through your space.


Can I customize reports?

With each deployment, we send a standard report that will be widely applicable to your space. A Dashboard is also available for you to easily customize the data you want and how it is represented to you.


What do I need in my booth to incorporate Scanalytics?

You’ll need access to power and internet (ethernet), and a flexible flooring material such as carpet or vinyl.


Where can I access the data?

All data collected can be accessed through the online Dashboard and is provided via a post-show report and CSV.


How is the data stored?

All data collected by Scanalytics is sent to the online Dashboard through our base station if connected to the internet, otherwise it is stored on our base station until uploaded. 


How many user accounts can I have?

Your brand will be managed under one Scanalytics account, but you can create an unlimited amount of individual users within your brand account.


What metrics do you provide?

With a full-coverage deployment, we provide entries, engagements, dwell times, heat maps, and custom insights for each day of your show in our standard report, as well as CSVs for custom data-manipulation.


How accurate are your metrics?

We capture up to 100% of the foot traffic through your space and our analytics platform is up to 98.5% accurate in its behavioral analysis.


How is it installed?

Installation and removal of the equipment by a certified professional is included in the price.


Do I own the data?



Does it collect any personal information?

No. Scanalytics measures footsteps and duration anonymously and unobtrusively.


Can I manage all locations under one account?

Yes. Your brand account will manage all of your show deployments at once so you can compare and benchmark performance.


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