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Floor Sensor Analytics
smartest way to measure foot traffic

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Pay-as-you-go subscription flexibly accommodates any floor plan, industry and duration of deployment. Packages include the floor sensor technology + advanced dashboard reporting to monitor foot traffic in real-time and over historical reports. The plug-and-play technology is incredibly easy to install and can be moved, expanded and updated as your strategy evolves.
Foot traffic captured
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Actionable data on foot traffic. Similar to a touchscreen on the floor, the smart floor sensors understand where people are to the exact step and duration. Simply connect the mats and hide the technology underneath carpeting, utility mats or floor graphics for an unobtrusive measurement of consumer behavior.
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  • 2' x 2' in size
  • 1/32" thick
  • daisy-chain unique layouts


Real-time and historical reporting on foot traffic trends and behavior. Easy-to-use dashboard simplifies the data into actionable insights to help you increase sales, optimize floor plan and improve ROI. 

Enterprise example: A store manager needs to understand traffic reports for inventory management and workforce scheduling, while a marketing director requires insights on the engagement experience at a display to optimize product placement and messaging.


Create experiential and responsive environments that react to foot traffic. Set your events and automate your space to send alerts, activate digital signage or adjust ambient fixtures that influence and enhance visitor experience.

Example from retail: “When someone is standing in front of this product for longer than 1 minute, display competitive pricing information and send a text to a nearby sales associate.”

Scanalytics - Floor Sensors Omnichannel Experience
Scanalytics - Event Analytics
  • events

  • measure event performance
  • increase visitor engagement
  • understand booth traffic

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Scanalytics - Commercial Analytics
  • commercial

  • reduce energy expenses
  • optimize floorplan & space
  • improve visitor experience

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Scanalytics - Medical Analytics
  • medical

  • life-saving alerts in real-time
  • accurate daily behavioral activity
  • improve patient care & standards

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Scanalytics - Retail Analytics
  • retail

  • understand traffic flow
  • create interactive environments
  • improve customer service

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Scanalytics - QSR Analytics
  • QSR

  • measure staff performance & service
  • improve floorplan & bottlenecks
  • optimize queue & turnover

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Scanalytics - Smart Home Analytics
smart home
  • smart home

  • automate environment to preference
  • secure home against invaders
  • identify & improve daily behavior

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Enterprise SDK 

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The Scanalytics application is also available as a platform to build on top of. Developers and partners have access to our technology to create solutions and experience the power of smarter physical spaces. Scanalytics is working closely with companies and development communities to introduce the next generation of presence detection and activation. We are already fueling innovation in applications including:


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The Scanalytics intelligent platform enables businesses to identify and optimize opportunities through our advanced analytics solution. Whether your expertise is in hardware or software, as a reseller or industry expert, our strength is in the ability to create and connect “smart” data for actionable results.

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