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Floor Sensor Analytics
Absolute insight into retail and event foot traffic

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Scanalytics SoleSensor - Foot Traffic Analytics
Scanalytics - Event Analytics
  • Events

  • Measure event performance
  • Increase attendee engagement
  • Understand booth traffic


Scanalytics - Retail Analytics
  • Retail

  • Increase in-store conversions
  • Create interactive environments
  • Improve customer service


Scanalytics - Commercial Analytics
  • Commercial

  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Optimize floor plan design
  • Improve visitor experience

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Optimize Operations & Marketing

Scanalytics is a retail and event analytics platform that helps you improve the performance of your brick-and-mortar locations. Whether you're a small business owner of a boutique shop or managing thousand of locations at an enterprise brand, Scanalytics discovers opportunities to reduce business costs and drive more sales to your company.
6 SoleSensor Array - Scanalytics Foot Traffic Counter



Similar to a touchscreen on the floor, the smart floor sensors understand where people are to the exact step and duration. Simply connect the mats together and hide the array underneath the carpet, utility mats or floor decals to seamlessly measure in-store consumer behavior.
2' x 2' in size     |     1/32" thick     |     Daisy-chain unique layouts

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Retail SMB Floor Plan Scanalytics Foot Traffic Analytics
Insights & Analytics
Real-time and historical reporting on foot traffic trends and behavior. Easy-to-use dashboard simplifies the data into actionable insights to help you increase sales, optimize floor plan and improve ROI.

Enterprise example: A store manager needs to understand traffic for inventory orders and workforce scheduling, while a marketing director requires insights on the engagement experience at a display to optimize product placement and messaging.
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