With our advanced footprint intelligence platform, you can get inside your customers head and learn how they think.


Do you know the stopping power of your brand? Now you can test and understand what truly motivates customers in the organic decision-making process.

Real-Time Data

Open and display data on the go. Insights are streamed live to your Customer Profile, accessible on any device with internet.

Get Your Message Out & 

Interact Live With Consumers

Our interactive REFLEX solution improves the consumer experience and allow individuals to interact directly with your product and brand. This trigger-based tool responds to live engagement so visitors get the message you want delivered.   



Scanalytics Solutions

Uncover the powerful data flowing through your space.


Track flow, direction, and
periods of rush hour.

Product Displays

Analyze traffic, turnover, and the
interactions with your products and brands.


Analyze behaviors and preferences to
identify shopping trends.

Checkout Counters

Monitor wait times and flow to
improve in-store efficiencies.


Integrate with interactive touch screens
to improve customer experience and track engagement.

Full Grid

Capture every step in-route
with a full-space deployment.


We go beyond monitoring. We provide actionable platforms.

Data is not attractive unless you can produce results from using it. The Scanalytics Team understands this, and that’s why we created our end-to-end system that automates and analyzes impression information to create actionable insights.