sensor-based analytics and
engagement platform for
physical spaces


Measure behavior to the exact step through intelligent "floor sensors" that analyze physical foot traffic activity.


Constantly analyze, store and take action on the wealth of data created to visualize decisions and impact.


Create interactions with your environment through presence detection to activate a dynamic and responsive physical space.

Scanalytics has developed the SoleSensor, an intelligent floor mat that digitally measures real-world foot traffic. Data-thinking small, that’s when, where, how often and how many. Thinking BIG, that’s why, how and what’s next. With Scanalytics proprietary algorithms and platforms, the SoleSensor evolves the physical world into a virtual space through predictive patterns and experiential enhancements.


Scanalytics Anonymous

what's measured

  • footsteps
  • patterns
  • engagements

what's not

  • identity
  • appearance
  • history

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Our proprietary "SoleSensors" are intelligent floor mat that captures insights on movement and behavior. Similar to a touchscreen on the floor, the technology measures presence detection through impression-based activity. When placed in a physical environment, we capture 100% of foot traffic to the exact step.  

Scanalytics SoleSensor - Intelligent Floor Sensor
  • daisy chain to any size array
  • 1/32 inches thick
  • customizable regions in each mat



Our Analysis Lab enables you to record, store and manage the analytics that relate to and have impact on your physical space. Data is analyzed historically and in real-time, allowing you to benchmark the information that matters most to your application and uncover the unique insights that build true value. 


Scanalytics Reflex activates smart devices in physical spaces by making them aware and responsive to surrounding behavior. Our device-agnostic tool is powered through behavioral analytics creating automated real-time interactions for event-based scenarios. Scanalytics Reflex harnesses the collected movement and behavior information and creates dynamic, responsive spaces.

Example from retail: “When someone is standing in front of this product for longer than 1 minute, display competitive pricing information and send a text to a nearby sales associate.”

Scanalytics Reflex Engagement Platform


In The Numbers

1 0 0 %
r e p r e s e n t a t i o n
Captures all impressions
in an analyzed space
6 million
i m p r e s s i o n s
Measured through our
data system to date
+ 9 8 %
a c c u r a c y
Leading precision data in
physical space analytics
  • events

  • measure event performance
  • increase visitor engagement
  • understand booth traffic
  • commercial

  • reduce energy expenses
  • optimize floorplan & space
  • improve visitor experience
  • medical

  • life-saving alerts in real-time
  • accurate daily behavioral activity
  • improve patient care & standards
  • retail

  • understand traffic flow
  • create interactive environments
  • improve customer service
  • QSR

  • measure staff performance & service
  • improve floorplan & bottlenecks
  • optimize queue & turnover
smart home
  • smart home

  • automate environment to preference
  • secure home against invaders
  • identify & improve daily behavior


Joe Scanlin
Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CEO, started his first company at 15 which he ran until he sold it at age 21. Through college he worked as a Market Analyst for the Wisconsin Innovation Service Center and ran an independent marketing agency. He served as a Squad Leader in the Marine Corps, received his Data Science Certificate from Stanford and has a varied background in science, software, and technology.
Matt McCoy
Co-Founder & COO
Co-Founder & COO, co-founded and managed TNK Landscape with Joe Scanlin, worked as a Communications Agent in London and served as an Account Manager for Chamberlain Research Consultants. He has an extensive background in marketing, business development and data visualization. Matt graduated with a double major in Marketing and Mass Communications.
Kristi Anderson
Chief Marketing Officer, previously handled operations for a leading technology accelerator, served as Chief of Staff for EMM Holdings and helped numerous technology startups navigate their marketing and operational strategies. She double-majored in Finance and Marketing and obtained her Series 7 and Series 66 licenses in 2013.
David Webber
Chief Technology Officer, has worked with a variety of sensor data from the scale of single bytes to big datasets spanning hundreds of terabytes. David worked as a research Post-Doc at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and completed the Wisconsin Entrepreneurial Bootcamp program. He received a Doctorate in Physics from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
Asim Asali
Director of Hardware
Director of Hardware, has a background in embedded, control system and analog circuits. Asim received an Associates degree from Yanbu Industrial College in Electrical Engineering. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and minored in Math and Physics from Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), where he is currently pursuing his Masters.
Andrew Lamars
Director of Software
Director of Software, started programming at the age of 13 and launched a network of websites which reached over 2.2 million unique visitors per month. He is fluent in a multitude of languages and has over 10 years of professional development experience. Andrew has been an owner of 3 companies before Scanalytics, all of which have sold.


Ramu Sunkara
Skyline Labs, Inc
During the past 19+ years in the software industry, Ramu has played a key role and has consistently developed highly innovative and pioneering solutions at the intersection of leading-edge technology and business value. Most notably founding Andreesen Horrowitz-backed that was eventually sold to Skype.
Dan Neely
Networked Insights
Founder and CEO of consumer intelligence platform Networked Insights. Before starting Networked Insights, Dan helped spin a technology out of Brightstar the British Telecom incubator called Vidus, the company was acquired after 16 months by @Road. Prior to that he was the Director of Strategy at Scient the fastest growing services company in history; Dan helped Scient growth to 2000 employees in 18 months and it had a successful IPO in 1999 and a market cap of $7 billion. Before Scient, he was part of the founding team at eSurance, the first online insurance company.
Don Schlidt
Dedicated Computing
Don currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Dedicated Computing and brings more than 25 years of business and technology experience to high growth companies.
Anne Brouwer
McMillan Doolittle
Anne is a Senior Partner at McMillan Doolittle with extensive retail management and consulting experience. She has worked with numerous clients on retail strategy, developing new concepts, the customer experience and operational improvements. Anne leads McMillan Doolittle’s softlines consulting practice, and also works extensively in home, hardlines, and automotive segments, working with retailers, brands and suppliers.

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The Scanalytics application is also available as a platform to build on top of. Developers and partners have access to our technology to create solutions and experience the power of smarter physical spaces. Scanalytics is working closely with companies and development communities to introduce the next generation of presence detection and activation. We are already fueling innovation in applications including:

Scanalytics Smart Home
Smart Home

Scanalytics Medical



Scanalytics Commercial

Scanalytics Fitness






The Scanalytics intelligent platform enables businesses to identify and optimize opportunities through our advanced analytics solution. Whether your expertise is in hardware or software, as a reseller or industry expert, our strength is in the ability to create and connect “smart” data for actionable results.


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