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Technology to Analyze Foot Traffic in Retail Stores was featured on NewsWatch Television

Scanalytics Inc. was featured on NewsWatch as part of its monthly Tech Report, which features the latest and coolest technology products available to consumers. Andrew Tropeano, a technology expert and the host of NewsWatch, conducted the review and shared with viewers how this technology allows businesses to analyze floor traffic in retail stores. read more




Scanalytics Launches Pilot Program with Leading Telecom Company

(MILWAUKEE, WI) - Scanalytics Inc. is piloting with one of the top 5 leading telecom companies in the US to measure high-fidelity analytics on consumer engagement and experience in store. Scanalytics has deployed its SoleSensors, intelligent floor sensors that measure foot traffic in physical spaces, in strategically selected locations to understand customer interactions and behavior with product displays. read more




Scanalytics Showcases Intelligent Floor Sensors at SXSW

(MILWAUKEE, WI) - Scanalytics Inc., headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, is exhibiting at the 22nd South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival, an internationally-recognized conference dedicated to new and innovative technologies, held March 13-17, 2015 in Austin, TX. read more

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Company Overview

Scanalytics is a sensor-based engagement and analytics platform for physical spaces.  Our proprietary "SoleSensors" are intelligent floor sensors that monitor human behavior through foot-traffic and predictive analytics.  By understanding where people go and spend their time in your space, we create interactive environments that respond to physical behavior.


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The Scanalytics SoleSensor 2.0 (on the left) and the Scanalytics Base Station (on the right).


Scanalytics SoleSensor - 2.0 - Floor Sensor Analytics

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Press Contact

Joe Scanlin - Co-Founder & CEO