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Scanalytics Careers


Inventory Control Internship

Scanalytics Inc. is seeking a self-driven individual who will be working with team members to assist with inventory needs. As an intern, you will provide support to the various areas of Scanalytics including, but not limited to:
  • Assisting deployment setup and testing
  • Updating the Inventory Manager
  • Keeping tracking of hardware
  • Assisting with assembly
  • Preparing incoming orders
  • Handling, shipping and receiving of inventory
  • Retrieving items from storage areas and matching assigned inventory to orders
  • Reporting and replacing damaged items
  • Arranging the adequate supply of shipping materials at all times
  • Ensuring all work areas are clean and maintained at all times
  • Providing information of each shipment to the supervisor and at the delivery point
  • Verifying accuracy of orders by matching them with quantities and types
  • Putting away inventory in bulk storage area, finished goods or other assigned areas
  • Rotating inventory, and stocking and replenishing shelves
  • Identifying items that do not meet specifications or need additional work



  • Good communication skills
  • Carrying/lifting up to 50lbs
  • Ability to use personal computer, Word, spreadsheets and web browser

Availability:  15-20 hours per week

Education:  High school senior or college student


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