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Event Analytics

Maximize the ROI of your events through smart floor analytics

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Scanalytics - Trade Show Analytics

Trade Shows
Scanalytics - Venue Analytics

Scanalytics - Conference Analytics

Scanalytics - Entertainment Analytics



Benefits + Insights


Measure Performance

Gain unobtrusive analytics on every attendee, react to show needs in real-time and improve future event strategy.

Increase Engagement

Understand where attendees travel, peak traffic times and how they interact throughout the event.

Understand Traffic

Benchmark booth attendance and which displays received the most engagement to improve promotional strategies.

Anonymous Insights

Measure 100% of foot steps anonymously. Get to know every visitor that enters your event by taking the walk in their shoes to improve their experience today and optimize your strategy for future events.


event resources

Scanalytics - Increase Conversions

1)  Place Sensors

Information Counters
Exhibit Booths
Product Displays
Queue Lines
Digital Signage

2)  Collect Insights

Abandonment Rate
Wait Times
Engagement Times
Bottleneck Areas
Conversion Rate
Rush Hours
Traffic Flow

3)  Improve Events

Optimize Workforce
Interactive Experiences
Influence in Real-Time
Strategic Placement
Improve Floor Plan
Increase ROI
Improve Service
Measure Success
  • 10' x 10' Booth Floor Plan - Scanalytics Smart Floor Sensors
  • 20' x 20' Booth Floor Plan - Scanalytics Smart Floor Sensors
  • 50' x 50' Booth Floor Plan - Scanalytics Smart Floor Sensors



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