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Scanalytics Careers - Join Our Team




Scanalytics Inc. is a global leader in the “Internet of Things” and uniquely transforms physical spaces into intelligent environments through predictive consumer behavior analytics. Our proprietary smart floor sensor measures actual human foot traffic which optimizes workforce scheduling, space utilization, marketing and advertising campaigns. Scanalytics analyzes foot traffic in commercial spaces such as smart buildings, retail stores, trade shows, and many other enterprise establishments.

Business Account Executive 

  • Achieve new customer and revenue goals through successfully negotiating and closing sales opportunities. 
  • Daily prospecting for new business through emails, outbound calls, social media and lead lists. 
  • Assess customer’s needs and provide effective, ROI enhancing solutions. 
  • Track customer contact results/outcomes through CRM tool and other applicable tools/trackers. 
  • Identify and prioritize all prospective customers and existing customers to achieve sales and revenue targets. 
  • Deliver exceptional customer service. 
  • Maintain relationships with clients by providing support, information, and guidance; researching and recommending new opportunities; and recommending profit and service improvements. 
  • Prepare reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information. 
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by keeping up-to-date with technical departments; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; benchmarking state-of-the-art practices; and participating in professional or social societies. 
  • Prepare hardware for shipment, support installation of hardware. 
  • Perform other sales focused tasks as needed to drive sales growth. 

Data Engineer 

  • Build and maintain processes and services supporting streaming data transformation, structures, metadata, analysis dependencies and workload management 
  • Provision and maintain cloud servers, services, and infrastructure supporting a scalable data pipeline 
  • Build analytics tools that use the data pipeline to provide actionable insights into customer acquisition, operational efficiency and other key business performance metrics 
  • Automate the monitoring and testing of application performance for speed and correctness, and work with developers to implement any necessary updates or fixes 
  • Write and maintain custom scripts to increase system efficiency and lower human intervention time on any tasks 
  • Support data transparency across the organization
  • Maintain data security, backup, and redundancy strategies 
  • Communicate with cross-functional business units
  • Provide 2nd and 3rd level support 
  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related subject
  • Background in developing for Linux, preferably in a cloud environment 
  • Experience with streaming message systems such as Apache Kafka
  • Solid scripting skills (e.g., shell scripts, Python 3)
  • The ideal candidate is excited by learning and working with cutting-edge technology in a fast-paced startup environment 
Preferred Skills:
  • Understanding of relational SQL and NoSQL databases, such as Postgres, Redis, and MongoDB 
  • Experience with Linux virtualization and containerization (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Familiarity with automated continuous availability monitoring 
Desired Skills:
  • Experience with automated testing and deployment (e.g., Jenkins, Ansible) 
  • The ideal candidate has a background in developing and maintaining stateful services for streaming data analysis. 


Front-End Developer


You will work within a cross-functional team of designers, developers, and data scientists to create delightful, interactive, and effective mobile-friendly interfaces for device provisioning and diagnostics, as well as charts of time-series and heatmap data and paths.  Your extensive knowledge of modern javascript frameworks will complement and enhance our existing python-based architecture. 


  • BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent
  • 2+ yrs of experience with web applications/frameworks/architectures
  • Experience with modern JavaScript frameworks and their benefits and drawbacks 
  • A bias toward mobile-first web application development 
  • The ideal candidate is excited by learning and working with cutting-edge technology in a fast-paced startup environment 
  • Excellent understanding of JavaScript
  • Working knowledge of ReactJS
  • Full understanding of Restful API
Bonus Skills:
  • NodeJS
  • Understanding of MongoDB
  • Worked with D3js or other charting libraries

Reporting Analyst


  • Develop cross functional reports cover client needs.
  • Prepare and analyze standard reports to support business/client needs.
  • Document business requirements to depict user needs with complimentary technical requirements.
  • Develop and enhance spreadsheets and database' functionality like usage of form, templates, and logic functions.
  • Research, present, and resolve issues.
  • Ensure high data quality through regular quality checks.
  • Simplify high level business needs into functional needs by understanding issues and determining data needs.
  • Extract, filter, and aggregate data through logical queries and basic programming.
  • Develop and create data layout, tables,, charts, graphs, heat maps, and process flow diagrams.

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