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Collect and understand visitor and engagement data for your unique trade show space through Scanalytics proprietary sensors and actionable reports.


Think of your trade show booth as a real-life website. People come in to learn, they look around, and they make decisions. Similar to visits, clicks, and bounce-rate on a website, your trade show booth can be activated to help you learn about your traffic.

With Scanalytics hardware, data, and reporting, we make this activation possible.



Here's how it works.

We Launch

We work to understand your goals, create a plan for your booth, and handle the entire installation at your venue.

We Capture

We capture and record floor data in your booth, and develop and deliver you an actionable report.

You Succeed

You make more informed decisions based on traffic and engagements with your offerings inside your booth.


Reporting Samples                                                    Dashboard Samples
Booth Entry Rush Hour                                                             Screenshot from 2018-06-14 09-47-07
Booth Dwell Rush Hour         Screenshot from 2018-07-05 16-06-24
Zone Dwell Rush Hour         Screenshot from 2018-06-14 09-48-28


Similar to how a website promotes your offerings in today's online marketplace, your trade show booth is

the best opportunity to get new products and ideas in the hands of live customers and partners.

How would your business change if you could track in-person engagements with
those products and ideas in your trade show booth, just like your website? 

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